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Our services are not limited only to give the best experience to make you feel welcome in Cuenca but when you go to feel more desire to return.

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Tues, April 8 2014
Aerolinea Vuelo Destino Hora Estado Puerta
Aerolinea Vuelo Origen Hora Estado

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Since November 4, 1920 the Italian rider Elia Liut landed his small plane in the field of Jericho Narancay rarely in Cuenca they seen airplanes in a while, on the airfield El Tablon on Machángara area …

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Being a company that provides airport services with international standards of excellence and a benchmark of quality, operability and safety; driving the development of the region and the country.


Manage Mariscal La Mar airport with capacity, efficiency, reliability, transparency and environmental responsibility; ensuring its operation to meet the needs of aviation insurance…

Institutional Values

COMMITMENT, have empowered staff with their actions.

HONESTY, work for the benefit of the institution respecting property and resources.

TRANSPARENCY, effective communication and free access to information.

LIABILITY meet standards, policies and institutional arrangements.

Quality Policy

To provide high quality, characterized by the continuous improvement of processes, infrastructure, security, and customer information with a team of qualified and committed professionals, focusing on the most latos applicable to airport operations standards.

Strategic Objectives

Obtain certification by the DGAC in compliance with the rules to operate the airport safely.

Improve and optimize airport infrastructure to provide better quality of services and security.


The Mariscal La Mar Airport is located on the S 02 º 53’22 .05 “W and 78 º 59’03 .85″ coordinates, with an elevation of 8,306 feet above mean sea level reference temperature 24.8 ° C.

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